Our Producers

Makers and bakers with a mission

We bring some of the best local independent artisan bakers, coffee roasters and makers in the Seattle area to your table. Our long term partnership with these producers provides a rich assortment of some of the best goods Seattle has to offer. By getting your items shipped to your door you are not only supporting small businesses, you’re supporting your community as well. Your purchases and support makes things taste that much better.


Aditi Chai

Aditi Chai is an authentic masala tea custom blended and prepared in small batches by Chef Aditi Master. The chai recipe has been with Aditi’s family for generations, and has origins in the most “foodie” of Indian cities, Surat. Prepared, Aditi Chai is distinguished through its complex multi-layered flavors. Each sip brings with it an anticipatory fragrance bouquet, early and late flavor tones, and a warm feeling as it goes down. The tea is spice-filled, yet not spicy; sweetened though not sweet.

Authentic” is an important word at Aditi Chai. We present and share a genuine chai that is an honest expression of what we prefer to drink at home, and what our family has enjoyed for decades.

ALL IN logo


Founded in Seattle, ALL IN is the great tasting better-for-you energy drink. ALL IN beverages are made in Washington from premium natural ingredients with no preservatives and zero artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. ALL IN’s blend of vitamins B, C and D, Ginseng, amino acids and 75mg of caffeine is designed specifically to give you a comfortable energy boost and mental focus. Perfect to help succeed with whatever you’re ALL IN for.

Blazing Bagels Logo

Blazing Bagels 

Blazing Bagels provides great bagels prepared with passion, care and all-natural ingredients! No preservatives. We provide a positive “OMG” experience that starts the moment you see our bagels until the final bite. We offer 25 different flavors (including Gluten Free) on the wholesale side of our business and produce 35,000 bagels a day. Visitors will often ask us if we carry a ‘real’ bagel. Our response? Only if you like them with the crisp & shiny exterior, chewy interior and flavor that permeates every pore in your body…these truly are THE best bagels east of New York! Our bagels are produced with Shepherd’s Grain flour, which is grown by Northwest-based farmers who practice sustainable farming methods by growing their wheat in “No-Till” fields.


Blossom Coffee Roasters

Blossom Coffee Roasters began out of a shared vision and desire from Dawn and Pat Loraas nearly 20 years ago: to provide people with an experience of a sweeter, more impactful and better tasting cup of coffee. But they knew this experience would only be possible by being able to source high quality green coffee and establish a roast philosophy that sought to enhance and not mask the delicate qualities and flavor those coffee’s have.

We chose Blossom as our name because we believe that everyone deserves to blossom in this life we live no matter what they are doing or where they are. We simply hope that wherever or whenever you drink our coffee, whether on your way to the office for work, finishing up schoolwork, or building cabinetry as a contractor we hope to be helping you blossom in the small way we can. So hone your craft, try new things, or pursue ideas that excite you, either way, you deserve to blossom!

Boon Boona

Boon Boona

Boon Boona Coffee is an African owned Roastery/Café out of Renton, WA sourcing single origin specialty coffees from Africa since 2012. Founder, Efrem Fesaha began his journey into coffee after seeing the East African community in Seattle struggle to find quality and consistency in their coffee. Having grown up steeped in the culture of the traditional East African Coffee Ceremony, Efrem has followed his passion and launched Boon Boona Coffee. Their relationships developed in Ethiopia deepen their roots to the birthplace of coffee. Boon Boona Coffee is constantly working to establish better sourcing practices and building with farmers, exporters, and importers to create healthy practices along the way. Their transparent coffee trade platform and meticulous sourcing model assure that more of the added value stays in Ethiopia.

Caffe Vita

Caffe Vita 

We’ve been roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995. We are an independent, locally-owned company. We are pioneers of the Farm Direct movement, meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term, mutually fruitful relationships with coffee growers in more than 11 countries. We work with and invest in farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

By creating an environment where the customer can see, touch, and taste the coffee they purchase, we provide a unique learning opportunity that allows our coffee to speak for itself. Caffe Vita is always fresh, imported directly from the farm and roasted on-site.

Essential Baking Logo

Essential Baking

We nourish the body and soul of communities by providing superior artisan breads and baked goods, using only the highest quality ingredients-with passion, integrity, innovation, and authenticity. We are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible while maintaining the highest respect for our employees, customers, and partners.

The Essential Baking Company proudly provides breads, pastries, crackers and desserts to establishments through out the Pacific Northwest, including grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, schools and hospitals.

Iggy's Logo

Iggy’s Alive & Cultured

Founded in 2012 on the shores of the Salish Sea on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Iggy’s was launched to honor the rich history of fermentation and the critical role it has played around the world in cultures and food systems for centuries.

We’re foodies, herbalists, artists, musicians, sci-fi fans, fishers and foragers, homesteaders, home-brewers, parents, backcountry-badasses, and fermentation freaks. We show up to work every day to craft the finest fermented beverages on the market, and we love to share. Our culture mirrors our fermentation practices, and through passion and perseverance, shared meals and camaraderie, our mandate is to be better human beings and realize our collaborative vision of creating extraordinary fermented products that harmonize cultures and communities.


indi chocolate

indi chocolate sources cacao beans directly from farmers and cooperatives to make small batch, single origin, dark chocolate. They make a wide range of cacao based products including teas, spice rubs, mixology kits and body care products made from cocoa butter.
Erin Andrews, founder of indi chocolate has been making chocolate for over a decade. indi chocolate started in 2010 and opened up in Pike Place Market in 2013. Hidden deep within the Market indi chocolate started to get a great reputation for its variety of wonderful products, fun after hour classes and our friendly staff.

Intrigue Chocolate Co logo white

Intrigue Chocolate Co.

From farmer to botanist to brewer to baker to chocolate maker, Chef Aaron Barthel’s life has been an exploration of fine and simple things. He handcrafts small batches of craft chocolate with care to coax the chocolate into telling its own story.

Intrigue celebrates discovery and encourages the habit of exploration, enrichment, and enjoyment. They want you to feel nurtured, edified, and inspired to share your experiences with others.They hope to provide this to you through tasting experiences in retail stores, including tasting experiences you can gift and share with coworkers, friends, and family.

JOE logo

JOE Chocolate Co.

We call our company Joe because we put real, delicious, small-batch roasted coffee in every bag. Effectively, a bag of Joe Chocolate is the caffeine-equivalent to two cups of joe. Whether you’re a thru-hiker walking 2,700-miles up the West Coast, a college student studying for finals, a parent shuttling kids to and from after-school activities, or a nurse working the night shift, a little bit of Joe can go a long way.

In just a few years we have grown from a two-man operation, making chocolate after hours in the back of Spud Fish-n-Chips, to an ever growing team with a wholesale operation in South Seattle and a retail shop and factory in Pike Place Market. Despite the growth and change, we’re still a group of friends who love good food, great conversation, and spending time outdoors (what can we say, we’re from the Pacific Northwest)!

La Toscanella Logo

La Toscanella

La Toscanella – offering authentic European pastries to cafes, coffee shops and grocery stores throughout the Seattle area.

Little Rae's Bakery

Little Rae’s Bakery

Little Rae’s Bakery is an independent craft wholesale bakery producing delightful hand-decorated shortbread cookies and delicious fresh-baked pastries — all from our peanut-free and tree nut-free bakery in Seattle, Washington. Little Rae’s stands for independence and originality. This is why we fiercely support other small businesses and want you to support them, too! Every time we choose a small business over a big corporate chain, our dollars go right back into our local economy and community. 

Macadons Logo


Do one thing and do it well! Located in White Center, Macadons is focused on creating the best experience that you can get when you’re looking for macarons. Over 25 unique flavors that bring back feelings of nostalgia as well as new and exciting flavors to get your mouth watering. Firm on the outside, soft on the inside, and just the right amount of chewy deliciousness that melts in your mouth.

Michael has drawn his inspiration and passion for macarons from his mother Donna and embracing his Asian heritage has infused unique flavors to accompany the more traditional options. Check them out to find out why they are ranked as the best macaron company around.

Middlefork Roasters logo

Middlefork Roasters

Simply put, we love coffee. Based in Seattle, we roast in the heart of coffee culture, roasting small batches with only the finest, freshest ingredients. Our love for coffee, however, has been a conduit for us to strengthen our own relationships and our community.  Each bag represents a commitment to building strong communities by partnering with local and independent producers.  

Middle Fork Roasters is owned, run, and operated by a close-knit group of friends and family dedicated to giving back. With each farmer’s market we attend, event we support, and cup we fill, we are thrilled to create positive impact in our own backyard. We love enhancing local flavor through each partnership, and take pride in providing unique coffee and custom roasts to local businesses.

Mighty O Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts

Making donuts from scratch using organic ingredients since 2000. Bakery & Cafes in the Seattle area. As a sustainably minded bakery no donuts are thrown away, instead we donate our extra donuts to non-profit organizations, and compost all food waste. Our growth has been consistently positive through the years. We started out with small crew and have grown to include over 30 employees. We owe our success to our hard-working employees and our community who grow and share in our excitement about organic foods, great coffee & donuts.

Morning Glory Chai

Morning Glory Chai

Morning Glory Chai has been spicing up the Northwest for 25 years. Our secret blend of tonic herbs, gourmet spices, and high-quality tea is a delicious and energizing brew that our chai supports your health in more ways than one! Lightly sweetened with Pacific Northwest clover honey and organic maple syrup, this versatile brew pairs well with many types of milk and has half the calories and sugar content of other brands. Fuel your life with spice!

PNW Cookie Company

PNW Cookie Company os a family owned and run company from Chehalis, WA. After finding out that a family member had severe allergies they united to create the “best vegan and gluten free cookies on the planet”.

Their business model is simple, “It’s us and you. We’re real people running a legit business who care and are trying to do what’s right. We understand that everyone is different with different needs, from diet restrictions to ethical stances on animal suffering. It’s all important. Yet, call us hopeless cookie romantics, we’re believers you should still be able to enjoy a ridiculously delicious cookie. Our cookies were born for this”

Rawdacious logo


Vegan Cheesecakes made by hand (with love) by Jenn and the radical women of Rawdacious from NE Portland! Appropriate for kids, athletes, omnivores, celiacs, vegans, and anyone looking to upgrade their dessert game.

Made from the best nuts, fruit, chocolate and agave we can find, every bite is insanely delicious and nutritionally intense: while most desserts are a net NEGATIVE, ours are chock full of protein, fiber, B vitamins and healthy fats. They are both comforting and satisfying without the post-treat guilt and bloat. Our flavors are generally bold and our stoke is high. Naturally Gluten free and 100% plant based, we use fair trade & natural/organic ingredients. 

Ritual Energy Logo

Ritual Energy

We imagine a world where people see food as more than just something to satiate a desire, but as unique tools to enhance the human experience. We’re helping to spread this by creating simple, whole-food products that are easy to use and that provide real benefits. We hope that by creating foods with function, people will start to look at foods differently, for the unique roles that each play in their daily lives. Ritual Energy is changing the way the world snacks, one bite at a time.

Seattle Bagel Bakery

Seattle Bagel Bakery

Seattle Bagel – Traditional methods & Small batches.
Since 1986, Seattle Bagel Bakery uses artisan techniques and local ingredients to handcraft traditional NY-style water bagels. We take pride in honest and genuine techniques. Taking shortcuts is not in the equation for us.

Street Treats logo

Street Treats

Diane Skwiercz started Street Treats in the summer of 2010 as the first dessert food truck in Seattle. They initially sold their ice cream sandwiches from the truck and soon became known for their handcrafted, made from scratch ice cream sandwiches and scoops. Avoiding all ice cream “mixes” they utilize a house made French custard that set them apart.

Later that year after being unable to meet the demand to be in many places at once they began offering their loved cookies and bars to coffee shops, and movie theaters where they were available to Street Treats fans daily.  These days the truck spends its days adding more fun to the many catering events they serve. 

Street Treats is a certified Women owned business by the Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)! 

Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy ice creamery is a dedicated to producing small batch, organic, and locally sourced ice cream. We craft our Sweet Cream base daily from organic ingredients, most of which are sourced within 100 miles of our storefront. Freshness is of the upmost importance to us, which is why we especially love the dairy from Fresh Breeze Organics, a family owned farm in Lynden, WA. The time from when the milk leaves Fresh Breeze’s grass-fed dairy pastures until reaching your cone is on average only one week. This commitment does not stop with our ice cream base— our sauces, toppings, flavor mix-ins, and waffle cones are also made from scratch in our small shop with ingredients we are proud to serve to our community.


Wild Wheat Bakery

All our Artisan Breads are made fresh every day with the best ingredients and a lot of love by our bakers. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality artisan breads for our customers to enjoy in our Breakfast and lunch servings. We bake a variety of breads daily such as Hazelnut currant, Jewish Rye, Whole Wheat, Ciabatta, Challah, Baguettes and more.

Zoka Coffee

Zoka Coffee

Founder Jeff Babcock recognized early on that Zoka’s community includes the global farmers from whom coffee is sourced, the valued team who roast, pack, and serve high-quality Zoka coffee, and loyal customers who make Zoka a part of each day and enjoy transparency in their farm-to-cup purchases. Zoka’s star logo represents new beginnings and regrowth. The coffee tree itself requires a dramatic pruning after 15 years of production to regenerate and continue to thrive, which remains to be the core of Zoka’s mission in their partnerships around the globe. Zoka Coffee Company endeavored to help its farmer sources flourish more vibrantly: Jeff Babcock leaned heavily into direct-sourcing Zoka’s coffee from farmers wherever possible. Today it direct-sources 90% of its beans from farmers spanning Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and Guatemala.