Zoka Coffee – Espresso Paladino


Paladino is Zoka’s original espresso blend that has won many regional awards and two national Barista championships!

Zoka’s Paladino blend is a medium roasted coffee with a combination of sweetness, acidity, body and flavors that have stood the test of time (and turned many heads at competitions). It makes a wonderful drip coffee as well as an espresso. Citrus and chocolate notes are present from both natural and washed coffees, all with no bitter dark roast overtones.

Roast profile: Medium (City Roast)

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Chocolate notes; mild acidity; full complex body.

Coffee Origins: Africa, Central & South America

Coffee Processing: A blend of washed and natural processed coffees

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A 12oz bag of whole bean Espresso Paladino coffee from Zoka Coffee Roasters.

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