Yerbana – Sparkling Yerba Mate


One 4 pack of Yerbana craft-brewed Yerba Mate, flavor of your choice.

Yerbana is committed to a few, simple, quality ingredients that provide an authentic Yerba Mate experience with health as the primary focus.

Real Quali(tea): Unlike other beverages, Yerbana doesn’t make products by mixing soda water with syrups, extracts, or concentrates. Instead they do small batches of real steeped tea and carbonate the entire brew like a craft beer! Which is why all of their flavor comes only from steeping the highest quality organic aromatic teas, Mate, and healing herbs for the body. Their brews have only 6g of sugar per 12 oz, sweetened with Organic Agave.

Balanced Energy: Unlike other stimulants which only have caffeine, Yerba Mate also contains Theobromine and Theophylline which work to open the cardiovascular system, counteracting the increase in blood pressure and heart rate caffeine can have, resulting in a more calm and balanced energy.

Plant Power: Yerba Mate contains 196 active compounds including 24 Vitamins and Minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 Polyphenols, and contains more antioxidants than either coffee or matcha.


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One 4 pack of Yerbana Sparkling Mate of the flavor of your choice: Classic, Mint and/or Peach Apricot.

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Classic, Mint, Peach Apricot