Hawthorn Rose – Iggy’s Kombucha


Hawthorn Rose Kombucha from Iggy’s

Comforting spiced apple notes with a velvety vanilla mouthfeel. ​ Formulated with ingredients known to support, strengthen, and elevate the heart.

Iggy’s Honeybrew Kombucha is craft brewed with a 100% honey-fed Jun culture – a relative of the now well-known kombucha’s fed with sugar – that produces a sparkling probiotic drink that is delightfully rich and slightly tangy. Our process leads to a smooth, ambrosial product akin to a fine mead or champagne, and is much less vinegary than kombuchas made with cane sugar. Blended with whole botanicals that invigorate the senses, with one sip you’ll recognize the quality of our brews. We ferment for six weeks or more – a statistic that is virtually unheard of in the kombucha industry – giving our brew a mature and refined quality that stands out amongst the crowd.

Ingredients:Jun (water, single-estate Assam black tea*, green tea*, pacific northwest wildflower honey, live probiotic cultures), hawthorn berry*, rose hips*, rose petals*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, allspice*, star anise*, vanilla*, myrrh * (* organic)


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Hawthorn Rose Kombucha from Iggy’s

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$4.50 Bottle, $40 Case/12 bottles