Boon Boona Coffee – Ethiopia Dur Feres


Flavor Notes: Blueberries up front and cacao nibs in the finish. It has a round body with medium acidity and a lingering finish. We love this coffee and the people who have make it happen!

Producer: Multiple smallholder coffee producers from several sister washing stations

Region: Bensa District, Sidamo Zone, SNNPR Region

Coffee Varieties: 74/158, 74/110 and local varieties known as Setami and Mikicho

Processing: Dry-processed (Natural)

Elevation: 1800 m

Wet Mill (Washing Station): Bombe, Qonqona, Shantawene, Damo

Certifications: NOP and JAS Organic Certified, C.A.F.E. Practices

Crop: 2018-2019

Local people group name: Durato, Fafcho


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A 12oz bag of whole bean Ethiopia Dur Feres coffee from Boon Boona Coffee.