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Meet the Producers: Jenn Pereau // Rawdacious Desserts

rawdacious pumpkin chai cheesecake packaging
Jenn Pereau Rawdacious
Jenn Pereau, owner of Rawdacious Desserts and Tiny Moreso

Jenn Pereau, owner of Rawdacious Desserts and Tiny Moreso, says that COVID-19, despite the hardships it’s caused, has changed her perspective as a small business owner for the better.

“I think the pause gave me the ability to get some perspective, a reset. I know I’m not alone when I say I’m not interested in returning to ‘the way it was.’ Social justice and activism has always been important to me, but now I see it as my north star, a guiding principle in life and business. I don’t think working 60+ hours a week to keep a small business afloat is necessarily good for anyone, or the way it should have to be. I have lost a lot in this process, but I gained a better work / life / activism balance, and I’m so grateful.”

Jenn is a passionate activist and hopes “that folks start demanding their government and business leaders enact some real change. Starts putting what’s best for everyone ahead of what’s best for a few, or the most visible. I don’t think people can or should take much more of this.”

Jenn has been making cakes for Portland and the PNW for over a decade. When she moved to Portland, she in love with the “from scratch DIY culture” and wanted to take part in it herself.

“I was managing a Vegan Punk Diner at the time, and our desserts sucked… I wanted to give all these lovely young vegans something that actually nourished them. After growing the wholesale business for a time – I was just very aware of the distance from my customers. Opening the cafe allowed me to interact directly and create community around the food.

“It’s never been about money, always people,” she says. “The cafĂ© is a thing I’m very proud of… I miss our dining room vibes dearly.”

And, Jenn adds, without her team MVPs–Becca and Natasha and Jacey–the business wouldn’t still be here. “So much respect,” she says.

“I think folks think we’re bigger than we are. I’m still making cakes by hand, nearly every day! There’s no cheesecake “factory”, ha!”

Some other fun facts about Jenn:

  • She’s passionate about collaborating with others through food. “It’s a thing. I want more of it.”
  • She has a dog that thinks she’s human and a cat who thinks he’s a dog
  • Her personal heroes are Fred Hampton and Jane Goodall
  • If she ever retired, she’d start a goat farm and herd goats


If you’re in the Portland area, Tiny Moreso is open Wed-Sun, 11am – 3pm. Jenn’s dreamy cheesecakes are also sold at New Seasons in Portland and at PCC and Metropolitan Market in Seattle. And of course, you can always sneak a slice into your Saturday box from NW Bakery Box! This week (Oct 12-15), we’re offering 10% off of the seasonal (and insanely delicious) Pumpkin Chai Cheesecake. Orders close Thursday at noon, so get your orders in ASAP!