How does NW Bakery Box work?

We bring some of Seattle’s best Artisan bakers, roasters and makers together and deliver them to your front door. We partner with other local companies who make products that will enhance the joy in your bakery box. 

You set up an online account where you can place a one-time order or set up a subscription. You’ll also be able to manage your orders, account information, billing, delivery day and instructions for our driver.

We pass your orders on to the great local bakeries and producers where they bake it/make it, then we pack your consolidated order and deliver it to your front door.

Ordering and Payment

Can I choose what comes in my box?

Yes, you choose what you would like in your customized box. Use the website to add all the products you desire. You must make a minimum order of $30, and you will then be given an option at checkout to make it a recurring weekly order. The choice is yours!  

Do I have to subscribe to get a box?

No, you can make a one-time order.

Can I change the items or add to my subscription?

Yes. To remove items from your subscription go to My Account > Subscriptions to remove item(s). To add an item shop normally and at checkout you will be given the option to add to an existing subscription.

How much should I order each week?

We recommend you order what you think your family will eat in a week. Take into account freshness and number of people in your household. Apply the same approach as if you were going to the grocery store or neighborhood bakery, and don’t forget to treat yourself as well!

Can I add an extra one-time delivery to my service?

Yes, you can easily add an additional delivery using the same cart. You can also order multiple boxes for the same delivery day. For example, if you order one of the pre-set “dietary-special boxes” you can build a second box separately and mark that order to be either a one-time delivery or recurring.

Do you deliver more than baked goods?

Yes. We offer other products that go well with baked goods such as coffee, tea, beverages and snacks, with more products added weekly. Our goal is to serve you with fresh baked goods, not replace your grocery store, though we are always on the lookout for more great local products. We’ll definitely let you know when we have more!

Will the product in my box be safe from the allergens I am allergic to?

Risk and severity of an allergy are different from person to person. We will share what our procedures are, so you can decide for yourself what you are comfortable with.

We work with a wide range of producers whose products may contain allergens. We take the information we are given by them and attempt to accurately label all allergens in our product descriptions. Producers are responsible for limiting cross contamination within their facilities.

We receive products in bulk from our producers and maintain segregated pack lines for our peanut/tree-nut free bakers and our gluten- free producers. These orders are packed first by our crew. If other products containing different allergens have been ordered they will be added to orders by the next team. Nevertheless there is still a risk of cross contamination.

We offer multiple boxes that come from producers that have dedicated facilities that are free from certain allergens. These boxes are pre-set, individually wrapped and packed and sealed in the box in the safety of the allergen-free bakery they come from. You can shop by dietary restriction to find one that is safe for your allergy. We do not open or touch products in these boxes.

What should I do with my empty boxes?

In order to maintain a high level of food safety standards, and cross contamination of allergens we are unable to pick up and reuse previously used food packaging such as bags or boxes. Most of the products we deliver will be packaged using compostable or recyclable materials. Please help us efficiently use our resources by composting or recycling any packaging that comes with your delivery appropriately. We are huge fans of a sustainable lifestyle!

Change or cancellation of service

To allow time for our bakers to carefully bake your order, we need to receive all modifications by noon 2 days prior to your scheduled delivery day.  This allows time for the many stages required of artisan baking. Some foods like breads, croissants and bagels require time for yeast to work its magic.

Changes to your service can be made from the link we sent you in the reminder email. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you’d like a member of our team to help coordinate changes to your account or answer questions.

To cancel your service simply email us at support@nwbakerybox.com prior to the deadline of noon, 2 days prior to your delivery and we will delete your account. This may not remove you from marketing lists so please use the unsubscribe features in the email to remove yourself from any announcement lists.

How do you keep my payment information secure?

Protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities. As such, we do not store your payment information on-site. Payment information is stored safely by a third-party, accredited payment-processing company.

How do I update my password and other account information?

Visit your My Account page to manage the account password, email, payment/billing information, delivery address, view order history, transactions and statements.

When will my card be charged?

Your card is charged when you place your order. For weekly subscription it will be charged on the same day the following week. This means you may be charged several days in advance of receiving your order. NW Bakery Box is not responsible for overdraft fees that may result from automatic payments. If you choose to cancel your NW Bakery Box service, your payment method will be billed automatically for any outstanding balance.

Delivery Info

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in and around the Seattle area. Check to see if your zip code is served via the search box on the Home Page.

Is there a delivery charge?

No, we do not charge a delivery fee at this time.

Can I get it shipped outside your delivery zone?

No. Due to the fresh and fragile nature of some of our baked goods we cannot ship them via UPS/USPS. They could not be guaranteed to arrive intact or edible.

Can I get my box same day?

Our mission is to regularly bring you the best fresh options for a fair price. This takes planning on your end and coordination on ours. Some of our producers may use other options for same day delivery so check them out on their websites and see it they have that option.

When will I get my box?

Order by noon on Thursday for your Saturday delivery. Your order will arrive between 8 am and 5 pm on delivery day. You will receive an email on the morning of delivery with a time estimate and tracking link. When your delivery is approximately 30 minutes out, you will also be able to use the link in that email to see exactly where the driver is on a map! PLEASE NOTE: If your building requires a key or security code for delivery, leave it in the notes section on your account for our driver to successfully complete the delivery. If we have trouble with a delivery, we will call or email you. If we are still not able to successfully deliver, we will return to base with your box. You may come pick it up, but you will still be charged for your box.  

Why can’t I pick my delivery time?

We do our best to get your order to you as fast as we can. With our delivery service and territory we cannot accommodate individual requests for delivery at certain times. If our service does not fit your lifestyle, we completely understand and recommend contacting your favorite producer and seeing if they have other options.

How do you deliver?

We are in and out like a flash with no contact delivery. Our drivers will “Knock and Drop” to alert you, should you be home. Please make sure that all residents are aware that this service is coming to your door.

What should I do if my delivery is missing?

If you do not receive a delivery as scheduled, please contact us within 24 hours so we can investigate. Our drivers will take a photo of where the box was dropped as proof of delivery. This photo will only be used to share with you if you request proof of delivery.

We cannot be held responsible for items stolen, destroyed or damaged after delivery is made. Please make sure we have a safe place to drop your box off. Our drivers will “Knock and Drop” to alert you should you be home.

What if I receive damaged or incorrect items or am unsatisfied with service?

Damaged, Missing or Incorrect Item: As with any business, mistakes happen sometimes. We do our best to properly pack items in the correct quantities in your box.  However, if you receive damaged, missing or incorrect items, please contact us immediately so we can do our best to make it right. We may request a return or photographs before issuing you a full or partial credit.

If you are unsatisfied, please let us know right away. We’d like to help! Bringing you high quality products and outstanding customer service are our goals and we take them seriously. All feedback and quality notes are valuable in helping us meet our goals of providing you with the best service and products we can.

Can I place my service on hold? 

Absolutely! We understand that our lives are rich with a variety experiences and we are here to serve you as you need us. You can cancel a recurring order and/or switch to a one-time order as long you make the changes prior to the order deadline by logging into your account.